Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning in Northwest Indiana

carpet cleaning in northwest indiana Pride Cleaning Services is Northwest Indiana's choice for professional carpet cleaning. Your carpeting is a large investment.  People spend hundreds to thousands of dollars carpeting just one room.  In order to keep this investment looking and feeling new longer, you must get your carpets professionally cleaned.  Most carpet manufacturers recommend getting your residential carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 months.  Commericial carpeting must be cleaned even more often.

upholstery cleaning furniture cleaning in northwest indianaYour upholstered furniture is equally as important.  There is nothing more comfortable than freshly cleaned furniture!

We have been carpet cleaning in Northwest Indiana for years. Our cleaning process has produced thousands of happy customers in Northwest Indiana. Let us do the same for you!

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There are different methods professional carpet cleaners use to clean carpeting:

1) Dry Compound Method:  This method uses a synthetic powder or solvent that is brushed into the carpet and is vacuumed up.  This method is mainly used as a maintenance procedure on commercial carpeting.  This method is not recommended, because it leaves a residue on the carpet that is difficult to vacuum up.  The end result is a powder that is pushed to the backing of the carpet by daily foot traffic.  This attracts dirt and makes future cleanings more difficult.

2) Bonnet/Pad Method:  This method uses a floor machine with an attached yarn bonnet or polyster type pad.  A detergent is sprayed on to the carpeting, and the  machine agitates the top of the carpet to remove dirt and stains.  Again, this method is mainly used as a maintenance procedure on commercial carpeting.  The process only removes surface dirt and cannot reach the deep down dirt your carpeting contains.

3) Extraction Method:  This is the perferred method by most carpet manufacturers.  This process, commonly known as "Steam Cleaning" uses a machine that sprays cleaning solution and water into the carpeting and then extracts the dirty water with its vacuum system.  This is the method of choice by Pride Cleaning Services, LLC.

Many carpet cleaners use the extraction method.  However, it takes more than just a method to effectively clean a carpet.  Without getting too technical, there are factors such as: chemical solution, pH levels, vacuum lift (suction power), and just plain knowledge of stain removal that many carpet cleaning companies lack.

Pride Cleaning Serices, LLC offers:

  • Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products:  Safe for the environment we all live in.
  • High Powered Extraction:  Our equipment contains 3 vacuum motors that product 249" Water-Lift.  Now that is suction power!
  • Industry Experienced Owners & Operators:  Knowledge to help provide the best cleaning service possible.
  • Fair, Honest Pricing:  Don't be fooled with super low price promises.  Many of these companies just tack on extra charges once in your home.
  • Professional, Friendly Service:  We are owner operated.  Remember, we take Pride in our cleaning!

We look forward to servicing you!