Other Cleaning Services Offered

Pride Cleaning Services, LLC offers both Residential & Commercial cleaning services.
pet stain and odor removalcar auto interior cleaninglamp shade cleaningverticle blind cleaningdrapery cleaning
Here are just some of the cleaning services we offer:

1) Carpet Cleaning
2) Upholstery (Furniture) Cleaning
3) Air Duct Cleaning
4) Tile Floor Cleaning
5) Drapery Cleaning - We clean the drapes while still hanging.  Dry cleaning process that guarantees no shrinkage!
6) Vertical Blind Cleaning - Have you taken a look at your vertical blinds lately.  You will be suprised at the hidden dirt.
7) Lamp Shade Cleaning - Yes, we can even clean your dirty lamp shades.
8) Automobile, RV, & Boat Cleaning - The carpets & upholstery get dirty in these too!
9) Fabric Protectant - We use Ultre' Guard Plus Protectant to protect your carpets & upholstery.
10) Pet Odor Removal - We specialize in pet odor removal.  We use a bacterial enzyme product to consume the bacteria that causes the odor.  We just don't cover up the smell..... we destroy it at the source!