Green Carpet Cleaning in Northwest Indiana

Green Carpet Cleaning in Northwest IndianaDid you know that Pride Cleaning Services cleans green? No, we do not show up in a green jumpsuit! We are talking about being more environmentally friendly.

Our main cleaning agent "CODE: GREEN" is approved by the EPA. We know our customers are health conscience and worry about the health of their family and pets. This is why we use Earth Friendly products.

Pride Cleaning Services also goes beyond green chemical usage. If you notice our equipment, we use the "Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor." The Eclipse offers superior cleaning power (3 vacuum motors in this monster) !! However, it also has cleaner energy usage with highly efficient electric motors versus GAS GUZZLING engines. This type of electric equipment produces great cleaning results without the high CO2 emissions!

We at Pride Cleaning Services take PRIDE in our efforts to keep our environment cleaner. We hope you choose us to keep your carpets cleaner.